Angie nettle


 Equine Assisted  Therapy 

"The feeling of being properly heard and understood is deeply transforming"


By working with horses in Equine Assisted Therapy, they can act as reflections of our behavior or personality, metaphors of the way we live our life and of how we communicate in relationships. Often through our human experiences we have been let down, lost trust or have become fearful of communicating our need. Often in our human relationships we have lost who we truly are because we may be placating, manipulating or controlling things in order to get our needs met. However, sometimes we are not congruent with our true desires and whilst we can cover this up with most humans, horses have the ability to sense that in-congruence and react accordingly. 

Equine Assisted Therapy can be used for anger, anxiety, behavioral problems, bereavement and loss, low self-confidence, trauma and other issues/problems.

Every session is tailor made to suit the individual or groups need. Offered from the EAGLA model which uses a team approach to working with clients. There a different sized ponies to choose from to work with.

These sessions are bookable in advance 

£110.00 per 1-1 session 

Group price on application 

Schools payable by Invoice 

"The hello a horse says when he looks up as I touch his stable door. Nothing is said aloud but he hears me talking with my body" Angie Nettle 

The Team 


Cosmic is a miniature american horse. He stands no higher than a large dog! Cosmic enjoys working with children and adults. 

Drum Major of Whitefield 

Major is a Highland pony with a gentle and kind nature. He lives with Cosmic. Both the ponies enjoy working together with individuals and groups.